Shame for IEEE, Springer Verlag, ACM, AIP, WorldScientific, Taylor and Francis, Elsevier

For more than 8 years our blog has identified that IEEE, Springer Verlag, ACM, AIP (American Institute of Physics), WorldScientific (Singapore), Taylor and Francis, Elsevier conferences are fake, bogus, scam, sham, mock and predatory. Now we have additional Proofs:


or google: IEEE 120 SCIgen Papers

The IEEE SCIgen Papers were 85 two years ago:
Several Blogs (included reported this. In 2014, these SCIgen papers in IEEE were 120.

Let''s start with the IEEE SCIGen Fake Papers of 2009. What's happened in 2009:
In 2009, we had received the following email from a girl that was working in IARIA's secretariat.

IEEE Computer Society Press sent it in January 17 (2009) to all the IEEE Sponsored, Co-Sponsored Conferences as well as to conferences
that publish their Proceedings with IEEE CS Press. It is impressive how many IEEE conferences are based on a review on the Abstract!.

John Walz: , Reisman, Sorel" ,,,
date Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 4:03 AMsubject Confidential: Important CPS Message Regarding Fraudulent Machine-Generated Paper Submissions

TO: CPS Clients FROM: Evan Butterfield, Director of Products and Services RE: Fraudulent Machine-Generated Paper Submissions (CONFIDENTIAL) DATE: 16 January 2009

The IEEE Computer Society (CS) has evidence that multiple (IEEE) conferences are receiving machine-generated papers. In two cases, conferences have actually accepted an obviously fraudulent submission. This is a serious issue that threatens the credibility of your conference, the quality of the digital library, and the reputation of both the IEEE and CS. It requires your immediate attention. Please take this opportunity to ensure that your peer review processes are being followed, and adapt to any new requirements that may be communicated by the IEEE or the Computer Society. No conference published by CPS should rely on an abstract review. It is very important that you review carefully the full text of all papers submitted to your conference. If you have already accepted papers, your program committee should review the full text again. While CPS staff will be conducting random spot-checks of conference papers in the publishing queue, we are relying on you to authenticate the content of your proceedings. Any papers that were not actually presented at your conference need to be brought to our attention, and should receive close review. In known cases, the machine-generated origin is obvious from a reading of the first few paragraphs of the paper; the abstracts are human-generated and do not indicate the quality of the paper itself. In the past, papers have been submitted by “Herbert Schlangemann,” but be mindful that the perpetrator of this fraud will change the approach over time. In the event you discover any evidence of questionable content or behavior, please communicate that to us immediately along with an action plan for addressing the problem. Thank you for your help in maintaining the quality of our products.



New Frauds from IEEE at India: Fake IEEE Projects

Fake IEEE Projects - Yamee Cluster, Vellalar Street, Adambakkam,Chennai-88
Dear All, Please do not buy any IEEE projects from Yamee Cluster,Chennai. We students from Madurai, asked for latest IEEE-2011 projects ......they charged us Rs.4000 per student and gave one IEEE project stating it as the latest IEEE 2011 project. After few months we got to know from our friends, what they gave us was a 2008 IEEE project. They generally rename/modify the 2008/2009 IEEE projects and sell it as 2011 IEEE projects in Chennai. They do not provide a big technical support too.When we questioned about this, they are not even responding to our calls. After getting the money from us, they cheated us nicely. So students, please don't get cheated from this project center - YameeCluster . One of the worst fake company who sells IEEE projects at very high cost and gives the fake IEEE-2011 projects. Please do not get cheated from this Yamee cluster -the fraud.


The following IEEE Conference has accepted several SCIgen (fake) papers. The organisers sent letter of acceptance for the several fake (SCIgen) papers

The following IEEE Conference has accepted several SCIgen (fake) papers.
The organisers sent letter of acceptance for the several fake (SCIgen) papers
and now they try to claim that they did not send any letter of acceptance.
One more fraud from the criminal IEEE

Subject: Important Information Regarding WCCI 2012
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 22:04:30 -0400
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2009) at 06/30/2011 09:53:56 PM,
Serialize complete at 06/30/2011 09:53:56 PM
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***This message is sent on behalf of the IEEE CIS President, Gary Yen and the IEEE CIS VP-Conferences, Gary Fogel***
Dear IEEE CIS member,

We have noticed a recent increase in emails that come from an outside
source not affiliated with IEEE WCCI 2012 regarding this conference.

Should you happen to receive any email regarding our conferences or other
activities from a non-IEEE approved source, please ignore them and forward
the information to our attention through Jo-Ellen Snyder at

Please note that the conference website for IEEE WCCI 2012 remains:

We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane next year!


Gary Yen, IEEE CIS President
Gary Fogel, IEEE CIS VP Conferences

Best regards,



IEEE uses again spam techniques to promote its fake conferences

IEEE uses again spam techniques to promote its fake conferences.
A colleague reported us this Spam from IEEE well known for its bogus conferences.
The NETDRIVER has revealed that the IEEE is fake and bogus and sells its name to low-quality and low-level "professors" just for some % on the conference profit.
IEEE also sells its lists of its members to the conference organizers that bomb us
with thousand of SPAM email everyday. IEEE is a real source of Scam Conferences. The voice of NETDRIVER is here and we thanks Google Machine that has us very high when
somebody googles: IEEE Fake or IEEE Junk or IEEE Scam or IEEE Spam or IEEE Bogus etc...

So, this was the Spam that we received from IEEE. Send them now SCIgen Fake Papers. They will approve them. It is funny really, but more than 30 IEEE papers have accepted and published in their Proceedings SCIgen Fake Papers.

reply-to "Mr. Liu"
date 3 May 2011 00:25
subject Dear call for paper


Respect of your contribution in Environment and New Energy, we cordially invite you to attend and publish your research on the International workshop on Environment ,New Energy Techniques and Applications (NETA2011 ),which is a workshop of ICECE2011,will be held on Sep,16-18, 2011 in Yichang, China. All accepted conference papers will be published by IEEE, included in IEEE eXplore, and then be indexed by EI Compendex. Some excellent papers will be selected and send to The Computer Journal(SCI indexed) or other open access international journal for free. For more information,Please visit:

The ICECE2011 can be found in IEEE Conference List. Please click here for more details. The conference ID is 17643.
IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1173J-DVD ISBN:978-1-4244-8164-4
IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1173J-PRT ISBN:978-1-4244-8163-7
All papers on The 1st International Conference on Electrical and Control Engineering (ICECE2010) have been indexed by EI Compendex.

Topics includes but not limited to:
Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Nuclear Energy
Geothermal Energy
Ocean Energy
Tidal Power
Energy and Sustainable Development
Environment and Sustainable Development

Submission Deadline:July 5, 2011

There are free printed and CD proceedings for authors.
There is a free one-day tour in Three Gorges after the conference for all participants.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Yichang, China!
Best regards,
Contact Information
The Organizing Committee of NETA2011